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Nominate a Teen!

Why should adults be the only ones who receive self-care? 

Our young adults are going through A LOT! More than we did when we were their age. The pressure that stems from social media and this fast-pace world is enough to make anyone have an identity crisis, self-esteem issues and create any negative emotions they may be experiencing. Nominate a well-worthy teen (ages 13-18) to spend an evening of DESERVED self-care! A 76ers game and Dave & Busters!!! Just a small break from the pressure and demands of life, parents and the world. Give them a chance to let their hair done.

Only 3 participants will be chosen.


Evening of Events

  • Friday, March 31st 

  • Pick-ups available from our host, Pastor Erika 

  • 76ers game @7pm (Wells Fargo Center)

  • Dave & Busters @ 10:30pm (Delaware Ave.)

  • Drop-offs by 12:30am

  • A group Zoom meeting will be held leading up to that day for meet and greet.


Have a question? Email us @ or click here

This is a free event for our nominees! Everything is free of charge - thanks to our hosts, Erika Denise Ministries and M&M Int'l. Nominees can bring money for shopping, souvenirs and/or emergency funds.

Donate to the Ministry!

Consider making a donation to help offset charges for the organization.



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