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- Thanksgiving Community Dinner 2021 -

This past Thanksgiving, Pastor Erika was assigned by God to give up her dinner with family to serve those who needed His love more than her own desires. She along with her staff, was able to:

- raise $1200 -

- feed 20 for a sit-down dinner -

- feed 30 homeless -

- find 9 restaurant food sponsors -

We meet Nacine (Lansdowne, Pa), Susan (Connecticut), Shekinah (Tallahassee), and The Harris family (Philadelphia). We loaded up our cars with approximately 30 platters and fed the less-fortunate within the Philadelphia Community. We prayed for Donny and that his strength will be renewed. We were able to witness to Rick, whom gave his life to God. He solicits prayers that he'll be delivered from drugs.

Sponsors -

Thanksgiving Dinner

- Special Thanks -

Dr. Alfreda B & Life Word Jesus Kingdom Ministries

Ms. Ava Westfield & Arising Home Inspection

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Mullins

Mr. & Mrs. Donne Ferguson

Mr. & Mrs. Auguste Jacques

Ms. Nacine Supinsky

ALL of our Food Sponsors & Donors

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