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Erika Bradford is Pastor of The arC: "a church on the move" - a mobile church providing a safe haven for those seeking sanctuary. Erika is 3rd generation pastor, she has witnessed all her life what it means to really serve God and His people as she meticulously observed her grandmother, mother and father labor in the vineyard.

Pastor Erika is a meek and humble servant. She has served and does serve wherever needed. From ushering to cleaning church bathrooms or neighbors homes, planning community events, sweeping floors to breaking down chairs, leading praise & worship to teaching bible study, taking the youth around the city to feeding the homeless. Yes, and even passing out flyers from door to door and climbing ladders to hang banners! If you name it, she has probably done God be the glory! Even though she is in her early 30's, Pastor Erika has a long resume of servitude.


She keeps herself busy through her ministry, her businesses, hanging out with family & friends, and creating new opportunities for global entrepreneurship, and let's not forget self-care.

Erika's life has had many highs, and many lows. She has overcome a recent house fire in June 2021, a terrorist bomb attack while visiting Paris in 2014, several evictions with her mother and sister, the death of her father, sickness and lesbianism...and that's just to name a few. The enemy, Satan, has always plotted against her calling and destiny. But like Job - God only allowed the devil to get close enough to stir up trouble. But Job remained faithful and did not curse God. Erika, not perfect - seemingly remains faithful to God when all the odds are against her, to God be the glory! 

Erika studied Fashion & Graphic Design at Moore College of Art & Design. Growing up ignorant to the fact of student loans and how this whole college thing worked, she ran out of financial aid and could not get any loans due to poor credit, and therefore forced to drop out after investing 7 years of education. For some people, they would think that this situation was unfortunate and what's plan B? But, this eye-opening journey has not only led Erika to owning and operating a thriving Graphic Design Firm (without a degree) but, she is doing everything now that she would be doing with a degree! This journey has also led her to write a book, that describes how our plan B may have always been God's plan A. (Book Coming Soon)

Erika owns and operates, KIP Design Firm. A graphic design firm specializing in web, print, graphic and fashion design. She's been afforded the opportunity to design for numerous clients throughout the East Coast. This Visionary Leader believes that the love of God can be shown through Art & Design, and He speaks to us to help design this world into a better place.

To know Erika is to love her. Having a heart of gold, and determination as strong as a lion -this young woman knows and understands the calling God has on her life. Always knowing that she was unique and never did fit in with the crowd, Erika has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She continues to excel through all of her obstacles and victories won, through Jesus Christ while helping others to win as well.

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