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Boots Up
Campaign 2022

A 3-part Series Discipleship Bootcamp 

Boots Up Campaign is a multi-city project broken up into a 3-part series. Various ministers will be teaching the Word of God on our Wednesday night virtual platform - then collectively implementing the Discipleship Training into our local communities. 

Image by Jon Tyson
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Image by Nikhita S

The Series

Series #1: "Laying the Foundation" (Jan - Apr)

  •  In this series will we be focusing our teachings on the basics and principles of God’s word.

  • Giving out homework assignments and possible incentives for people to engage.


Series #2: "Find  Camp" (May - Jul)

  • In this series will we be focusing our teachings on strategy and operations through the Word of God.

  • Start a team project within your church and  find a location to be hands on.

  • Hospital, Homeless Shelter, Food Bank, Prison, Education, Women Center, Drug Rehab, etc.


Series #3: "Frontline" (Aug - Dec)

  • In this series will we be focusing our teachings on implementation and tactical engagement through the Word of God.

  • Your ministry or team should have a blueprint and scale of the project at hand, with volunteers and staff ready to take action. 

  • Going into our Camps to evangelize, witness and support that area with the needs at hand.

  • End of the Year Revival in one of our City Campuses.

The Team

4 Reason to Join our Campaign

  1. You and your ministry will be recognized through a different audience - a great way for you to network!

  2. You can teach from anywhere in the world, as long as you have wifi and a computer/phone.

  3. Spread the Word of God to millions of viewers watching - you may be the person who they've been waiting on to say "Yes!"

  4. Looking for a way to get your ministry involved with evangelism or community outreach? This campaign is a great way to teach God's Word, and then we, the team will go out and implement it within our own community! 

How to Join

  1. If you are called to teach God's Word, join us on our Wednesday night bible study that goes live on YouTube & Facebook. Join here >

  2. If you want to Volunteer, and be apart of going out into the fields to do the work of an evangelist. Please fill out our Volunteer Form >

  3. Please consider making a financial contribution!

    • Your donations will help us stay connected to our audience via social media

    • purchase the necessary items needed to serve the homeless, elderly, youth in our local communities

    • spread the Good News worldwide!


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