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Erika Bradford is Pastor of The arC - a mobile church providing a safe haven for those seeking sanctuary. She is also Founder & CEO of Erika Denise Ministries; an umbrella organization serving in global faith-based entrepreneurial efforts. 


Erika is 3rd generation pastor, she has witnessed all her life what it means to really serve God and His people as she meticulously observed her grandmother, mother and father labor in the vineyard.

Erika is a meek and humble servant. Even though she is in her mid 30's, Erika has a long resume of servitude. She has served and does serve wherever needed. From ushering to cleaning church bathrooms and neighbors homes; planning community events; sweeping floors to breaking down chairs; leading praise & worship to teaching bible study; hosting youth events, and to feeding the homeless. Yes, and even passing out flyers from door to door, and climbing ladders to hang banners! If you name it, she has probably done God be the glory! 

She keeps herself busy through her ministry, her businesses, traveling the world, and creating new opportunities for global entrepreneurship.

Erika's life has had many highs, and many lows. She has overcome a house fire in June 2021; a terrorist bomb attack while visiting Paris in 2014; several evictions with her mother and sister, the death of her father, sickness and lesbianism...and that's just to name a few. The enemy, Satan, has always plotted against her calling and destiny. But like Job - God only allowed the devil to get close enough to stir up trouble. As Job remained faithful and did not curse God - Erika, not perfect - seemingly remains faithful to God when all the odds are against her,  all glory be to God!

To know Erika is to love her. Having a heart of gold, and determination as strong as a lion - this young woman understands the calling and anointing God has on her life. Always knowing that she was unique and never did fit in with the crowd; she marches to the beat of her own drum. She continues to excel through all of her obstacles and victories won through Jesus Christ.

Everyday Conversations

Follow Erika on YouTube as she shares her everyday thoughts about God and the things concerning this life.

Mid-Week AM Prayer Call

Watch this latest teaching and prayer from Pastor Erika as she encourages us through God's Word.

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