"You have to find your God-given purpose(s), that is the only thing that gives life true meaning. Many people are living life haphazardly; existing with no purpose. Only a few people have been able to push from the birthing canal to destiny; from darkness to light, unknown to known, fear to faith, ordinary to extraordinary. Once you stand at the door of destiny, you will never look at life the same again."
-Pastor Erika Bradford




Image by Rick J. Brown

Boots Up
Campaign 2022

A 3-part Series Discipleship Bootcamp 

Boots Up Campaign is a multi-city project broken up into a 3-part series. Various ministers will be teaching the Word of God on our Wednesday night virtual platform - then collectively implementing the Discipleship Training into our local communities. 


Erika Bradford is Pastor of The arC: "a church on the move" - a mobile church providing a safe haven for those seeking sanctuary. Erika is 3rd generation pastor, she has witnessed all her life what it means to really serve God and His people as she meticulously observed her grandmother, mother and father labor in the vineyard.

Pastor Erika is a meek and humble servant. She has served and does serve wherever needed. From ushering to cleaning church bathrooms or neighbors homes, planning community events, sweeping floors to breaking down chairs, leading praise & worship to teaching bible study, taking the youth around the city to feeding the homeless. Yes, and even passing out flyers from door to door and climbing ladders to hang banners! If you name it, she has probably done God be the glory!

Erika has a long resume of servitude, even at the current age of 32. She resides in her hometown Philadelphia, Pa. Patiently waiting on her Boaz to start a family (the Godly way), she keeps herself busy through her ministry, her businesses, hanging out with family & friends, and creating new opportunities for global entrepreneurship, and let's not forget self-care.