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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Erika has been in the Graphic Design Industry going on 15 years. Having studied Fashion & Graphic Design at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; she's been afforded the opportunity to design for numerous clients throughout the tri-state area.​ This visionary leader believes that the love of God can be shown through Art & Design, and He speaks to us to help design this world into a better place....We design for Kingdom Entrepreneurs.

She also has assisted organizations as their visionary coach. She is driven and inspired by what a company can become. To meet their objectives; she is highly charismatic and determined. Erika takes pleasure in guiding organizations through transitions and/or difficult organizational eras.


Erika is also a minister of the gospel; teaching, preaching and singing to the glory of God! It makes her heart happy when she can use the gifts that God gave her to help edify the hearts, minds, and souls of God's people. She has overcome homelessness, evictions, the death of her father, lesbianism, and so much more. 

This young woman knows and understands the calling God has on her life; and is not afraid to take life by the horns and continue to excel through all of the obstacles and victories won through Jesus Christ. 

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The journey I have/had to take to get where I am today has been through a road of mentorship. I've had trustworthy, wise and loving peers who have helped me with my path to success in the marketplace and in ministry. I want to impart that knowledge to you ...will you allow me to mentor you?

Learn these key components as a Woman of Faith in the Marketplace:

  • simple book keeping

  • time management

  • advertising

  • remaining consistent

  • keeping God at the center

  • staying humble but charging accordingly

  • and more!

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